Reunion Metaverse

Open beta for all ApeReunion token holders

New landmarks

Map, Netcode & Bug Fixes

Shorts + Pants + 8 color Variants

Coming Soon:

Discord v1.0 integration in Reunion

Enter Metaverse

Brand new character to expand the Reunion brand, lore, and gameplay

Animated and integrated into Reunion metaverse as a new character with special gameplay mechanics

Follow Updates

Team up with your faction and find hidden loot crates dropped across the grasslands of Reunion

Compete with other factions

Mint unique items from the Reunion Armory, an ERC1155 collection

Join a Faction!

A new collection with a large supply, released in batches

First batch of 1000 lands is distributed on the first island of Reunion

Subsequent islands will contain more land batches

Explore the Grasslands

Work with your faction to find food and resources, craft items and survive in the grasslands

Expansion of Reunion characters, integration of previously released collection. Find the vessels and summon him.

Get an Ape!

A new generative collection of pixel art homes

Homes will have dozens of styles, and modules

Gather resources and build estates on your land

Go inside, and ...

Learn More

Utility collection on Ethereum L2, airdropped to holders

Use memory shards to save your progress in Reunion on-chain

Build up different accounts with items and stats

Trade on secondary marketplaces

Manage Shards

Enable PvP between factions with arena combat

New generative collection of on-chain artwork for pets

Pets look cute, but can they fight?

Who are you guys?